Online Blackjack- How To Play

The allure of a casino has always been the splendor and glamor of the casino itself, and the chance that you may walk away from that place significantly richer than you were when you went in. 

Casinos have a variety of games you can bet money on. If you do happen to be fairly good at these games, then, you might just win yourself some money to blow on.

One of these games, of course, is BlackJack. You may have heard of it, probably participated in a round or two, but you just haven’t tried Blackjack online. 

The Rules Of Blackjack.

The power of mathematics and programming has seen a great number of physical casino games being translated into virtual forms you can engage with over the internet. This means, the rules of Blackjack in a casino, are still the same when you play Blackjack online. 

If you have had some experience playing offline, then you are in luck. If you haven’t, here are a few of the most important rules of the game. 

The fundamental rule of the game is that to win the game, the total value of your cards should be equal to, or at least, closest to 21. Achieving this means having to understand the value that each card has.

A good example to look at is the so-called face cards such as the King, Queen and Jack. Each of these has a value of 10. The Ace card has two different values of either 11 or 1. The value that you get with the card will be determined by the value of the other cards you will be holding. 

When the game starts, the dealer will hand you two cards. One of those cards will be facing down and the other up. You are allowed to peek at the card facing down to see its value, but the other players are not supposed to see that card, and neither are you allowed to see their face-down card. 

When the game is in progress, there are terminologies in use. The four most common that you will encounter include:

  • Hit: This is something you can choose to say when it’s your turn. When you say this, the dealer will add you another face-up card. 
  • Stay: If the cards in your hands are looking good and you do not want to mess them up, then whenever it is your turn, you can simply tell the dealer to stay. 
  • Bust: The goal of the game is to get as close as possible to 21. However, the random nature of the cards you collect can see that the value of the cards you are holding goes beyond 21. Whenever this happens, you are deemed to have gone bust. 
  • Fold: This is quite an obvious term. When you recognize that there is no way back into the game for you, then you can fold and leave the table. If you would also like to be removed from the game to attend to other matters, this is what you can say. 

Basic Game Strategy.

Like every other game or sport out there, your chances of winning are greatly improved when you involve some strategy or tactics into the moves you are making. Blackjack qualifies as both a mathematical and observational strategy.

Here are a few things you should have in mind when engaging in a game of black jack.

Start Small.

The thing with a blackjack table is that it is always in motion. Whether you have just arrived, or a new dealer has taken over from the previous one, it would be best to express some caution rather than going all in. 

The purpose is to gauge what kind of player the dealer is, whether they are hot or cold. How the dealer handles the game could easily affect how you play.

The Dealer’s Up Card Is Crucial.

Cards can be divided into two section; the bad cards range from 2 to 6, the good cards from 7 through to Ace. The dealer will also start the game with two cards as you. The upward facing card they have will help you determine what action to take as a player. 

Do not get burned.

The thing about Blackjack online, as entertaining as it may be, you will still be gambling. You can either win money, or lose money. There will come a time when a losing streak will follow you through a number of games. 

When this happens, many people will throw away their knowledge of how to play Blackjack, and simply want to reverse their fortunes. This further exacerbates the situation. 

You may want to go on a run to win back your fortunes, but instead end up losing more. If you are going through a losing streak, it’s best t accept that things are not going your way, and simply walk away from the table.

That simple move will save you a lot of pain. 

The odds of winning.

Blackjack presents one of the highest chances of winning in a casino game. This is perhaps the reason why it is one of the most popular choices, whether it be blackjack online or in a casino. 

To improve your chances of winning, you have to be proficient in your knowledge of how to play blackjack. This will put you in a good position to give the dealer a run for their money. 

Overall, your chances of winning a game of blackjack online stands at 42.2%. A loss is easily more common as it stands at 49.1%. When, perhaps, you meet your match, which rarely happens at 8.48%, you will end up in a draw.

With that said, the feeling of winning can be quite infectious. The moment you do so, you will want to repeat it again and again. This time though, the odds are heavily stacked against you. If you end up playing six times, your chances of winning all six rounds fall to a paltry 0.99%.

It would be best to know when to fold; when you have some winnings!

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