Skrill is an online payment method available for Canadian players. It has been in the online payment realm since 2001, and Skrill’s popularity across the globe can be attributed to its fast payment method. Several online casinos have integrated skrill as an acceptable payment method that guarantees safe money transactions, securing all your payment information and transaction details. 

Skrill is available on mobile phone devices and PC, allowing players to access the platform anywhere, as long as they have an account. Plus, players can use debit cards to load money, adding convenience. 

How Does Skrill Work?

Skrill offers a safe and easy money transfer method over the internet. They assure customers that their information is secure with them and none of their financial details will be released or sold to third-party countries. To use Skrill, you need to head over to their official website and sign up for an account. Registration is relatively easy and should take you a couple of minutes to complete. 

New players will have to choose between a business or a personal account. As a casino player, the personal account should be able to do all your transactions. Business accounts may need extra information like company name and address. Once you’re done with the registration process, Skrill will verify your account to allow transactions. 

Verification Process

The verification process is not complex, and Canadians will have to provide truthful information on the following: 

  • Personal information: legal name, date of birth, address, and national identification number. 
  • Knowledge-based questions: security questions that only you have the answers to. For instance, “the first name of your high school teacher?”
  • Extra information: You can decide to add additional questions or put a multi-factor authentication for extra security.  

The verification process usually takes 24-48 hours. Once Skrill verifies your account, you’ll need to deposit money to the Skrill wallet through your credit/debit card or straight from your bank account. They will not charge additional fees on your first deposit, but subsequent deposits come with extra transaction charges. 

How to Deposit Money To Online Casinos Using Skrill

Before we begin, it is crucial to know that companies usually use the same deposit method for withdrawals. So, if you decide to deposit via skrill, you can only withdraw using the same. Here are steps to load cash into your online casino account in Canada: 

  • Register or sign in to a casino that accepts Skrill as a payment method. All you need is a little bit of personal information and your email address to register. 
  • Go to the payments option and select Skrill. 
  • You’ll get a prompt asking you to log in to your Skrill account. 
  • Once you login to Skrill, select the4 amount you wish to deposit and confirm payment. Make sure you choose the right amount and don’t confuse any figures. 
  • Finalize the deposit, and now you can play your favorite casino game. 

The good thing about Skrill deposits is they are made instantly.  As usual, make sure you check the currency and note the casino’s accepted minimums and maximums. 

How To Withdraw Money To Online Casinos Using Skrill

Skrill also allows players to withdraw cash from their casino accounts. The withdrawal process is as easy as loading your money. To make a withdrawal, you must first make sure the amount is withdrawable and available in your account. Most times, amounts from like bonuses may not be withdrawable until a player completes specific wagering requirements. 

Here is the withdrawal process using Skrill in online Canadian casinos: 

  • Log in to your online casino account. Make sure winnings are available in your account. 
  • Select the banking section and choose to withdraw funds 
  • Enter the required amount of money you wish to withdraw 
  • Once you have selected the amount, click checkout and wait for your cash to Skrill account 

Typically, withdrawals using Skrill may take several days to reflect in your account, so it is vital to note this when withdrawing money. 

Skrill Fees At Online Casinos

First off, signing up at Skrill is free. There may be a couple of fees charged here and there, particularly when converting CAD to USD when it comes to payments. But Skrill is popular because of its low fees and transparent transaction process. Skrill will not charge for transfers to online merchants, and receiving money via Skrill is free as well. Skrill deposits are generally free, but in some instances, they may charge a special fee. 

When you send money using Skrill, there is a 1% transaction charge on the money sent. Other payments made to the casino will have costs that vary from one casino to the other. Please check the casino’s terms and information about transaction fees to get full details about Skrill charges. Also, check out Skrill’s official website for any transaction changes. 

Safety And Security

Skrill has thousands of members, and it is their top priority to ensure the safety of each member’s information and money. Even when it partners with online casinos, Skrill provides that every casino has strict security protocols. Skrill has guaranteed its security protocols are the best, and the company has made a data security system that successfully hides the personal and banking details of all customers. 


  • Does not reveal personal information of its members 
  • Provides swift and easy access to payment transfers 
  • It is widely accessible in Canada and 200+ countries 
  • Most casinos offer bonuses on payments made via Skrill 
  • Support is available 24/7 


  • Most new casinos do not have Skrill as a payment method 
  • Online casino withdrawals via Skrill may take longer than other online payment methods 
  • Verification process may take long 
  • Skrill imposes transfer limits to some money operations. 

In Conclusion

Skrill is a secure payment system that does not reveal information to any third party. The online payment method has low transaction fees, and it is an excellent option for players in Canada. Be sure to check out the online casinos that accept Skrill as a payment method and enjoy reliable services.